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Local Elections 6 May 2021

Bomere Heath & District Parish Council Local Elections 6 May 2021

Local elections in the United Kingdom take place on 6 May 2021, with candidates having to submit nominations by 8 April 2021. Once registrations are closed there is no requirement for voting to take place if any of the seats are uncontested.

In relation to the Bomere Heath and District Parish Council (BHDPC) the following persons are therefore nominated as Parish Councillors for the following BHDPC wards as a result of being uncontested.

  • Shirlie BRIERS and Louise COWLEY – Fitz
  • Alan HERBERT – Leaton
  • Edward MASON – Preston Gubbals
  • Danial HARMER, Mick KEOGH, Martin SPEAK & Colin STOCKTON – Bomere Heath

The nominations take effect once polling closes on 6 May 2021

 Polling will take place in Bomere Heath to elect a Councillor for the Tern Electoral Division of Shropshire Council :

  • Alan William HERBERT : Leaton Hall Farm, Leaton, Shrewsbury, SY4 3AP Labour and Co-operative Party
  • Mandie LEE: (address in Shropshire) Focus Team
  • Lezley May PICTON (address in Shropshire) The Conservative Party
  • Jamie Edward RUSSELL : 9 Well Meadow Drive,Shrewsbury, SY3 8UW Green Party