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Bomere Heath & District Parish Council

Allotment Update

By Martin Speak - Councillor Bomere Heath & District Parish Council

Thursday, 10 January 2019


Bomere Heath & District Parish Council Contributor


Allotments (January 2019)

In response to the Community Led Plan, the Parish Council has under taken some work to assess the viability of allotments for the Community.

Firstly notices were listed in the Red Lion and Co-Op to gauge interest in Bomere Heath. Councillors also attended Shropshire Council meetings and spoke to residents to gain further information

The outcome was that it was established that there is a necessity for members of the community to form an Allotment Association Committee (ACC), which would be responsible for organising and operating the allotments. Land for the allotments would also have to be identified and funding secured for lease/purchase.

Unfortunately there has been insufficient members of the Community to take up the responsibility and form an ACC, and until such time this project cannot move forward.


At the time of writing however there are vacant allotment plots available for rent in Baschurch. Similarly schemes do exist else where, where private gardens are made available as an allotment where the owners are unable to maintain their upkeep. The trade off is a share in produce and the owner has a maintained garden. If there is an interest the Parish Council could promote such a scheme.

Should your require any further information please contact Councillors Colin Stockton or Mick Keogh via the Parish Clerk. 

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