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Welcome to the Parish website, our aim is to represent the views of all the people who live in Bomere Heath and the outlying villages and hamlets in our parish.

To do this effectively we need YOU the public to be informed on what is going on in your community and if need be bring to our attention anything you think we should know about. Please sign up to the email alert (blue envelope image) at the top of this page to receive News items and information about local issues -  these may include:

How the Parish Council is spending your funds, news on road closures and fast fibre broadband availability in the parish, information from the police about phone scams, events you may like to attend and much more.

Signing up to the email alert can also inform you of all new planning applications in the parish. Please also take a look at the Planning Tracker tab (at the top of the page)  that lists all present and past planning permissions.  It is currently at the first stage of software development but even now it is a useful tool.

If there any issues you feel the Council needs to be made aware of -  please come to the Parish Council meeting.  Meetings take place on the second Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm at either Bomere Heath or Fitz Village Hall.  Take a look at the List of Meetings  under the Council Matters tab to find the date and name of which village hall is scheduled for the meeting.

If you have further questions please contact the clerk, Mrs Sue Horton on 01939 290200.


Leaton Church and Vicarage Leaton Church and Vicarage

The History

Bomere Heath and District Parish Council was established in 1894, though not with that name. In that year the Local Government Act created Civil Parishes which replaced the ancient Ecclesiastical Parishes as the first tier of local administration and governance. Our local Civil Parish was then known as Pimhill CP covering an area formerly administered by the ecclesiastical parishes of Preston Gubballs  to the east of the Shrewsbury- Baschurch road and Fitz Parish to the west. In the Middle Ages land at Bomere depended on the Parish of Shrewsbury St.Mary and Preston Gubballs belonged to the Church of St. Alkmund. According to the Domesday Book in 1066 Preston Gubballs got its name from Godbold, a priest who established a small settlement there as a tenant of the church of St Alkmund.

Pimhill was undoubtedly chosen as the name of the Civil Parish because of its historical importance. Pim Hill lies to the east of Bomere and in the medieval and post-medieval period the Courthouse on the hill was the meeting-place of the manorial leaders of Pimhill Hundred, an important feudal jurisdiction stretching from Albrighton Hussey in the South as far as and including  Wem and Ellesmere in the north, Shawbury in the east and Montford Bridge in the west. Pimhill is still the name of the parish in Ordnance Survey maps but it has been replaced by Bomere Heath and District in everyday usage.



Pimhill more commonly known as Bomere and District, is a geographically large parish in Shropshire to the north of Shrewsbury. As well as the large village of Bomere Heath, the small villages of Albrighton, Fitz, Leaton, Merrington and Preston Gubballs as well as the hamlets of Crossgreen, Dunnsheath, Forton Heath, Grafton, Mytton, Old Woods and Walford Heath lie in the parish.