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List of Councillors

River Severn looking towards the Isle River Severn looking towards the Isle

The parish is sub-divided into 5 wards for the purposes of electing the Parish Council.

The wards are Albrighton (1 councillor), Bomere Heath (6 councillors), Fitz (2 councillors), Leaton (2 councillors) and Preston Gubballs (2 councillors). The Parish Council therefore consists of a total of 13 members.

List of Councillors

5 x Vacancies (10 June 2021)

Mrs Shirlie Briers – Fitz Ward   Finance & Chair's Advisory Committee  Mobile: 0771 315 2962 

I was brought up in Cheshire and have been married for over thirty years to my husband Roger.  We caravanned for fifteen years at Fitz prior to coming to live here and enjoyed the area so much that we decided that when the opportunity arose we would take early retirement and come and live in this lovely village and enjoy a slower pace of life. This we did in 1996 when we purchased Wood Cottage, Cutbury Hollow and took on a lengthy programme to bring the Cottage into the twenty first century with central heating and double glazing together with creating  a beautiful garden.  We both worship at St Peter and St Paul, Fitz and Leaton when appropriate.

Some eighteen years ago we both felt that we needed to give something back to society and the fact that I had been diagnosed with diabetes and had received a lot of support from Diabetes UK, I joined the local Voluntary Group and a short time later my husband also took up appointments within the Group and we are now Committee Members. We both work tirelessly within the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and I personally work out in the community specialising with people who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. We also run a Sales table within the hospital to raise funds for the Charity together with promoting it through Store collections and I also work with other like minded volunteers on NHS projects to the further betterment of the patients we support.

I am an active member of Ruyton XI Towns WI and enjoy the social aspects.

I have been a Parish Councillor for seventeen plus years and I am now the longest serving member of Bomere Heath Parish Council and work tirelessly for the benefit of the Community.  I have over the years taken upon myself to perform many duties on behalf of the Council and I currently produce the BHPC and Montford Bridge Parish Notes on behalf of the Council.  I work closely with other Agencies and Groups including the Police, Severnside Housing and Shropshire Council.  I am fortunate that my husband is also committed to support some of my activities within the Parish of Bomere Heath and regularly goes out strimming and weed killing together with other mundane duties which benefit the residents of the Parish and beyond including the maintaining of some of our memorial areas such as the Lloyd Pump at Dunns Heath and to see the footpath from Leaton to the end of the Parish border finally re established and the work ongoing.    

I would like to think that I am a loyal member of the BHPC and that I can be approached by members of the larger community whenever the need may arise.


Mrs Louise Cowley - FITZ , SALC Area Rep, LJC Rep

I was brought up on a mixed, family farm producing arable, cider apples, beef cattle and hops near Ledbury in Herefordshire.   It was a great childhood, I was given jobs on the farm from early on, learning to drive at 12 years old on a Massey Ferguson 35, hop-picking in September and my favourite occupation – stubble burning, which has long since been outlawed.  After studying a degree in Plant Science at Wye College – I changed tack into the art world.  After working for Phillips (an auction house), I did a MA in Museum and Gallery Administration and then spent the next 20 years working for the Boundary Gallery in London.  It was a wonderful job that I enjoyed immensely organising monthly art exhibitions, book launches and selling art to people from all  over the world. 

2010 and a new teaching job for my husband Richard brought us to Shropshire. So in Shropshire terms I am definitely a ‘blow-in!’  I started a new venture of painting watercolours of people’s homes, I still work occasionally in London for my old employer and I organise an annual contemporary art exhibition at Oerley Hall near Oswestry that raises funds for Hope House. 

My interests on the council include planning and  the website.

Mr Dan Harmer  - Bomere Heath Ward - Chair 

I grew up in Bishops Castle and relocated to Shrewsbury in my late teens, after some time away from the county I moved to Meole Brace in 2009 before settling in Bomere Heath in 2014.  I am married with 3 children, two at Bomere Heath Primary and one at Nursery.  My family and I are very much into village life, with the children participating in many local clubs and activities and my wife is an avid gardener and she’s a member of a local contemporary choir group.  Along with my role in the council, I am also proud to be chairman on the 1st Bomere Heath Scouting Group executive committee here in the village.  

My career has enjoyed some variety, I had many years in retail management, which included running a shop in Shrewsbury High Street for several years.  However, 10 years ago I retrained, gained a degree from Sheffield Hallam University, to become a construction site manager.  My most recent project was managing a £3.5m new school build outside Stafford.

I joined the parish council in 2015 and am passionate about our local area, in my role as councillor, I aim to be approachable and listen to concerns that parishioners may have.  I can draw from my experience in construction when discussing planning applications and village logistical challenges.  

Mr Mick Keogh - Bomere Heath Ward

Mr Edward Mason - Preston Gubbals Ward - Councillor for Environmental Issues

Mr Martin Speak - Bomere Heath Ward

With my wife I moved to Bomere Heath from Staffordshire in 2015, attracted by a property within the village needing renovation and a desire for a change of lifestyle.  We haven’t looked back! 

Bomere Heath has so much to offer with its position in an attractive part of Shropshire, but with all the facilities of a large historic town only a short drive away.  I was 'Born and bred' in the ‘Backcountry’ albeit several generations ago part of the family tree originated from Shropshire, so in a sense part of me has come home!

Experience wise I was a Detective Inspector in the West Midlands Police and retired after 30 years’ service.  I have a broad policing experience from policing inner city areas and finished my career involved in serious crime investigations across the Force.  With a lot of skills transferable, I started a new career as the Senior Manager for Investigations within the Gambling Commission.  The Commission is a non departmental Government body and is the UK’s gambling regulator. I gained a lot of experience in the setting up the newly created Commission, dealing with local authorities, government agencies and large corporate bodies nationally and internationally. After 11 years I took early retirement. 

Albeit new to the area I became a Councillor more by accident than by design when the Parish Council was looking for Community involvement when the Community Led Plan was being developed in 2016. Seeing the issues facing the village that  i wanted to help more, which led to me putting myself forward for one of the vacancies on the Parish Council.  

Mr Colin Stockton - Bomere Heath Ward

My wife and I moved to Bomere Heath from the outskirts of Telford in April 2013.  We downsized our house after our daughter left and settled into her own life.  We have lived in Shropshire since 1997.

Bomere Heath instantly attracted us as a place to settle and we now have the peace, tranquillity and friendliness of a small village but with easy access to the big world just a short drive away.

After 26 years as an RAF Engineer, I took on a Civil Service teaching post at the Defence College, Cosford.  After three years of teaching aircraft mechanics and technicians, I moved to become apprentice support manager.  After nine years, I felt the need to move on.  My interests have always been centred around special needs and learning difficulties and my next few roles, although varied, were always centred around this.  My last full time role was in a special needs secondary school in Telford, where I worked until illness in 2014.  I have now taken forced retirement but continue to volunteer at my old school when possible.

I have always taken an interest in my local community so when the opportunity arose, I applied to become a Parish Councillor in late 2016.  I would like to be a useful help to the parish and hope that anybody would approach me if there was a need.  I am often seen around the village walking my dog Thor.

Mr Alan Herbert - Leaton Ward

I have lived at Leaton in this Parish for 21 years. Our children grew up here and our youngest has lived nowhere else. She is away at University now but our older two have moved back to the county and are struggling to find jobs and to get a place of their own here.

I used to be a Lecturer in Hydrogeology at University of Birmingham, and a Director of one of the larger environmental consultancy companies in Shrewsbury, but over the last two years I have set up my own business based in Leaton. It has been great being able to avoid the commute but like many of our local small businesses, the pandemic has been challenging for business. I’m one of the very small businesses that fell through the government’s support network so I am well aware of the challenges to our local economy, in addition to the stress on our community in general

In our community I have mostly been involved supporting youngsters as they grow up. I was a Friend of Bomere Heath primary school and then a governor – we planted the trees in the school field and got the Games area behind the village hall. I ran cycling proficiency courses and we won grants for a science club I ran for a few years. More recently I ran scouts and explorers (teenage scouts) at Boreatton. That’s outside the Parish but was the nearest group when I started and many children from Bomere were in my troop. We had a great time, exploring the world from Fiji to Outer Mongolia and trekking to see Everest and the Altai mountains. We also won national school’s competitions and represented the UK in international science and engineering competitions – you might have seen our fundraising efforts that made these adventures affordable to all the children.

I am also a trustee for Shropshire Youth Association that supports youth clubs including Bomere Heath Youth Club when it is active. I currently work to deliver the Duke of Edinburgh programme and lead scouting activities in the outdoors – or at least I will when the current crisis allows. I hope to continue to be involved in working for our community as your councillor. Maybe I will talk to grownups a bit more!